British Racing & Sports Car Club

New 2014 Regulations


The MSA have introduced two significant changes to the rules of UK circuit racing for the upcoming season that spectators – and especially drivers – need to watch out for.

After the rules regarding track limits were enforced more rigorously during 2013, a tighter definition of what constitutes out of bounds has been produced for this year to make the situation clearer for all. The circuit is delimited by the white lines at the edge of the tarmac. A driver only needs to put a single wheel over one of these lines to be deemed to have exceeded the track limits. The exception is where there is a kerb in which case the car can cross the white line but no wheels can go beyond the edge of the kerb.

The idea is to maximise the margin of error available. This should make things safer at old-style circuits such as Oulton Park where run off is at a premium but may give drivers a few frustrations until they get used to the new system.  They do have some leeway as they are only shown a warning flag after their second offence of this nature after which point the penalties become increasingly severe until they are excluded following the fifth track limits misdemeanour.

Elsewhere, the stationary yellow flag will never be seen again. To give greater warning to competitors any accident or broken down car requiring attention from the trackside officials will be covered by double waved yellows at the preceding marshal’s post and a single waved yellow at the post prior to that. Even when the Safety Car is in operation, there will be waved yellows at every post around the circuit. The flag marshals will need to be super fit this season but at least it should provide safer motorsport for all.

A full description of the new rules can be found here