PRICE £2,000

Renault Clio Cup Car for Hire


Renault Clio Cup Car for hire, suitable for Clubsport. Will make an ultra competitive Class B car, with 217bhp and a Sadev Sequential Gearbox.
Rental cost from £2000 which includes:

-Transportation to and from the circuit
-Race support for the car, including data logging and analysis.
-Two brand new tyres per race weekend (and two scrubbed tyres) with a choice of “dry” and “wet” weather tyres.
-All fluids, including fuel
-Take home footage from our VBox system.

A “turn key” way of being in a number of series, including 750MC Roadsports, Trackday Trophy etc as well as Clubsport.

Prices starting from £2000 for a raceday, £2700 for raceday + Friday test (includes two additional tyres)

Testing and trackdays available on request. Contact Alex at