A brand new dedicated cost-effective race series for fans of the mighty Honda Civic!

Next Event Donington Park National Circuit

Caterham Race Weekend at Donington Park

09 July 2022 - 10 July 2022

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2022 - 1 21 May 2022 - 22 May 2022 Snetterton 300 Download PDF


For the 2022 season, the Civic Challenge will share a grid with the Vinyl Detail ST-XR Challenge.

1, 2 & 3 21 May 2022 - 22 May 2022 Snetterton 300 Event
4, 5 & 6 17 Jun 2022 - 19 Jun 2022 Anglesey International Event
7 & 8 09 Jul 2022 - 10 Jul 2022 Donington Park National Event
9, 10 & 11 20 Aug 2022 - 21 Aug 2022 Cadwell Park Event
12, 13 & 14 17 Sep 2022 - 18 Sep 2022 Croft Event
15 & 16 22 Oct 2022 - 22 Oct 2022 Oulton Park International Event


Jon Peerless


The exciting new Civic Challenge kicks off in 2022!

The Civic Challenge series is aimed at people who want to race but have a budget. It began as a group of friends who have all met through racing and enjoy the thrill of fast, clean racing.

All rounds in 2022 will have a 15 minute qualifying session, with the double headers running 15 minute races and the triple headers featuring two 15 minute races and one 20 minute race, with the exception of the final rounds at Oulton Park where the 2 races will be 20 minutes long.

The series features the main classes: Class A for modified Civics allowing upgrades such as an ECU remap, a weld in rollcage, a lighter plated differential and more; Class B for more production spec models on a standard ECU map, with a helical differential and a bolt in cage, and overall requiring less parts in general for a cheaper build; and Class C dedicated to pre-2000 Honda Civics with modifications allowed and power allowed to be upgraded to a maximum of 190bhp.

For more details on the series, the classes, the race weekend format or anything in general, please get in touch with Jon Peerless via the contact details on this page. Come and join us in this exciting new dedicated home for Honda Civics!

Please note: The images in the gallery on this page are a mixture of cars from the Civic Challenge and those which have also raced in the BRSCC’s Clubsport Trophy, to show further examples of cars that could potentially be permitted to race. Please make sure to check with Jon Peerless regarding regulations, parts and eligibility to be clear on what is and isn’t permitted before committing to racing.

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Class A Modified Honda Civics - upgraded ECU, weld in roll cage, plated differential etc.
Class B Production spec Honda Civics - standard ECU, bolt in roll cage, helical differential etc.
Class C Pre-2000 Honda Civics - modifications permitted, maximum of 190bhp
Invitation Cars accepted at discretion of series organisers (contact Jon Peerless for info and clarification)