Aim MXP Dash Data Logger


Aim MXP Dash Data Logger

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The Aim MXP offers 50% more display area than the 5” MXS display


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The Aim MXP offers 50% more display area than the 5” MXS display, in a similar dimension. The dash logger has an integrated shift array, configurable multicolor alarms, drag and drop multi page configuration, Wi-Fi and USB connectivity, GPS Module, inertial platform, analog and digital inputs, digital outputs, Motorsport connectors, 4 GB of internal memory, 1,000Hz per channel sampling and support for over 1,000 ECU connections.

MXP samples data coming from your ECU, the GPS Module, the 9 axis inertial platform (accelerometer, gyro and magnetometer), 8 fully configurable analog inputs, 6 digital inputs, predefined math channels and second CAN. Performance and data acquired can also be incremented adding up to eight expansion modules.

MXP is also available in its STRADA version,  a dash for road use, with similar characteristics but without logging feature.

You can define all the custom pages you wish, choosing among a wide library of page styles, defining which data to be shown, their end of scale and measure units. Swapping between pages can be managed pushing one or two push buttons.

Aim MXP features a high contrast TFT display: its visual quality is always optimal as its ambient light sensor keeps the back light at the best brightness levels. The dash is of course available also in the “Street Icons” version (fuel, oil, water temp etc.)


  • Display: 6” TFT
  • Resolution: 800×480 pixels
  • Contrast: 600:1
  • Brightness: 700cd/m2 – 1,100 Lumen
  • Ambient light sensor: Yes
  • Alarm display icons: Yes, freely configurable
  • Alarm LEDs: 5 configurable RGB LEDs
  • Shift lights: 10 configurable RGB LEDs
  • CAN connections: 3
  • ECU connections: CAN, RS232 or K-Line
  • ECU compatibility: 1,000+ industry leading ECUs
  • Expansion CAN connection: GPS Module, Channel Expansion, TC Hub, Lambda Controller, SmartyCam HD
  • Analog inputs: 8 fully configurable, max 1,000 Hz each
  • Digital inputs: 4 Speed inputs, lap signal, coil RPM input
  • Digital outputs: 2 (1 A max each)
  • Second CAN: Yes
  • Wi-Fi connection: Yes
  • Inertial platform: Internal 3 axis ±5G accelerometer + 3 axis gyro + 3 axis magnetometer
  • Internal memory: 4 GB
  • Body: Anodized Aluminum
  • Pushbuttons: Metallic
  • Connectors: 2 Motorsport connectors + 1 Binder connector
  • Power consumption: 400 mA
  • Dimensions: 189.6 x 106.4 x 24.9 mm
  • Weight: 640 g
  • Waterproof: IP65

In The Box

  1. MXP Dash Display
  2. 37 Pin Standard Harness
  3. GPS Module with Cable
  4. USB Cable
  5. Software Installation CD

Additional information

Select GPS Option

GPS Module 50cm Cable, GPS Module 1.3m Cable, GPS Module 2m Cable, GPS Module 4m Cable, GPS Roof Version With 2m Cable, GPS Roof Version With 4m Cable

2nd Loom Option

None, MXP Harness 22 Pin Connection