The BRSCC is delighted to share exciting news of the launch of a new junior driver development initiative by top GT race team 2 Seas Motorsport partnered by Oliver Rowland Motorsport (ORM).

The initiative will see the 2 Seas Motorsport team entering a next-generation Mk7 Fiesta Zetec S race car into the BRSCC Fiesta Junior Championship for the 2022 season, the car to be driven by promising young kart racer Aaron Walker as part of his development programme, with his goal being a career in top level GT racing.

The programme sees the Anglo-Bahraini GT3 team working alongside ORM to help bridge the gap between karting competition and the world of sportscar racing. ORM was created by Mahindra Racing FIA Formula E driver Oliver Rowland, to help nurture young talent and provide a stepping-stone up into sportscar competition. Oliver and 2 Seas Motorsport team co-owner Nick Cristofaro previously competed against each other in karting, and this programme will see the two teams working closely to support youngsters starting out on the motorsport ladder and assisting them in gaining experience during the transition from karts to cars.

Nick Cristofaro, 2 Seas Motorsport team co-owner explained: “I am really pleased to be able to offer this important additional rung on the ladder for young racers to move into the world of GT racing, working with ORM and the team at the BRSCC. Since starting 2 Seas Motorsport back in 2020, we have been keen to support promising and developing talent, and there has been interest from young drivers on how to gain track knowledge and obtain the necessary licence required for competing at the next level up from karting. We hope that this programme will help the next generation of drivers and make the transition from karting through to sportscar racing easier.

“Oli and I have been involved in motorsport for 20 years, working and racing together at different stages. Oli has been successful moving through the ranks up to the Formula E, but he continued support grassroots motorsport and give something back via his karting team. It is great to now be in a position to work together again, where 2 Seas Motorsport can offer young talent the option of a more GT-focused package career path.”

After winning numerous British and world championships in his early karting career Oliver was keen to pass on his knowledge and experience. As a result, ORM was formed and the passion to win and compete at the highest level has been transferred over. Commenting on the new venture, Oliver added: “I am extremely proud to be able to help continue supporting youngsters who are looking for that next step in their motorsport career. I have been very fortunate to be able to progress through the ranks, and giving something back to those just starting out is very important, so this initiative together with Nick and the 2 Seas Motorsport team will hopefully mean we can continue to help and nurture some stars of the future and support them as they build a successful career.”

Commenting on behalf of the BRSCC, Fiesta Junior championship Coordinator Laura Payne said, “Having seen numerous young drivers progressing their racing careers after developing their racecraft in the FJC, it’s fantastic news that Aaron Walker is joining us this season as part of the 2 Seas Motorsport / ORM young driver development initiative.

Myself and my BRSCC colleagues have channelled significant effort and resources toward our Junior racing programme over a number of seasons, the most recent example of that being the introduction of our next-generation Cooksport developed Mk7 Fiesta Junior race car ahead of the 2022 season. When we are able to attract teams of the stature of 2 Seas Motorsport and ORM into the Fiesta Junior Championship, it really makes all of those efforts by the FJC team, Cooksport and club worthwhile.”


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