How To Start Racing

So – you want to know how to become a racing driver?

There comes a time in every budding racer’s lifetime in which they take the brave first step towards getting on track and competing in their first race. Everyone at every level of motorsport has been through that process at some stage and, judging by your presence on this page, very soon you will too.


Motorsport at its core is a fun sport and pastime to take part in, and something which everyone involved should be a part of because they enjoy it. It’s a great way to make like-minded friends, meet new people, socialize and participate in a sport you love all in one weekend.

We know that when you’re starting out, it can seem quite daunting to know what to focus your attention on first, but fear not – we’re here to give you a simple 14 step guide on how to go from your sofa to a race seat on the grid and everything in between. And just remember – every single racing driver, from F1 world champions to club racers, all started at the exact same point as you are right now, so you’re not alone!

We’ll see you on track very soon – good luck!


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