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Whether you are new to the world of marshalling or are a seasoned expert, thank you for visiting our marshalling page. Here you can find out information about becoming a volunteer marshal, and sign up to marshal our events.

Why marshal?

It is a very rewarding and unique way of getting close to the action of motorsport.  It is also a great way to meet fellow marshals who are like minded and understand the uniqueness of our sport.

Why marshal for BRSCC events?

We would like to think that we are a friendly team at the BRSCC, working well together and have a great supporting network. We encourage inclusivity and progression, and are keen to seen every individual develop in their chosen discipline.

What roles can I be involved in as a marshal?

Roles are usually split between “incident” and “specialist”, now called “on-track” and “off-track”.  On-track marshals deal with trackside incidents (accidents, pull offs, collecting debris and many more), flagging, and post chief activities.  Off-track marshals deal with pits, startline, assembly, paddock and generally race communications.

At what age can I start to marshal?

Cadet marshals can start from the age of 12 so long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian (or whose parent/guardian is willing to pass over responsibility to an experienced marshal for the day/weekend).  Cadet marshal duties are limited to assembly (depending on the circuit and club), and can assist in race control either by working with clerks and stewards, or within the race communications team.

Once cadet marshals reach the age of 16, they will become a registered marshal and depending on the circuit and club, they can take on all marshal duties.

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Do I need to be fit?

You will need to be carry out any duty you marshal for and should be fit enough to fulfil that duty.  If you have any questions regarding your ability, or need a change of duty, it is advised that you speak with one of our BRSCC Chief Marshals.

Prior to the race weekend, you will be required to “sign on” on-line declaring yourself fit for your duty.

Do I need to be a member of a club to marshal?

You will be required to sign up as a registered marshal (or cadet) with the Motorsport UK.  However, before deciding if marshalling is a hobby for you, you can attend a taster day.  Please contact one of our BRSCC Chief Marshals who will be able to provide you with further details.

Is there a certain amount of days I need to do each year?

No – you can volunteer as little or as much as you like.  However, if you are following the grading path (see below), you will need to carry out a minimum of 4 days to maintain your grade.

Is there any training?

Yes – there are lots of training events held each year at various circuits.  Please contact one of our BRSCC Chief Marshals for further details.

Please also keep an eye out for further news on BRSCC training this year.

Do I need to be a member of BRSCC?

No – but you may miss out on our new club member benefits. See our members page for more information.

How do I volunteer?

There are various ways of volunteering for a meeting – it can seem like a bit of a mind field to start with.  The BRSCC has it’s own volunteering portal called the ‘Race Hub’ allowing you to volunteer for any race meeting run by BRSCC, and sign on using the same system with one simple click. It couldn’t be easier! Using the BRSCC Race Hub will also allow us to track your club benefit entitlement if you are also a member.

You may volunteer using the BRSCC’s Race Hub for all BRSCC events across the country. If you try to volunteer using the Race Hub less than two weeks before the event is due to start, the portal will direct you to the contact details of the chief marshal to volunteer directly. This helps to ensure you are not missed off of any availability lists close to an event.

Alternatively, you can volunteer through BMMC (British Motorsport Marshals Club).  You will need to be a member of BMMC.

What type of championships do BRSCC run?

BRSCC run a huge variety of series and championships from Fiesta Juniors to British GT.  Please visit our Formulae Page.

How many events do BRSCC run?

The BRSCC run over 30 event per year at circuits across the UK, including Snetterton, Brands Hatch, Oulton Park, Knockhill, Silverstone, Anglesey, Pembrey and Donington.  BRSCC formulae also visit other circuits including Mallory Park and Kirkistown.

Please click here to see our calendar of Events.

Chief Marshal Details

Below are details of our four Chief Marshals who assist with the running of various events depending on their region.  They will be able to assist you with any queries you may have.

We do hope you will join us for our events.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.


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