The Excool OSS grid attracted a diverse field in 2015 with more expected moving into 2016

2015 was a season of fast class racing for the Excool OSS Championship with 13 lap records set across all five of the contested championship classes, with at least one record at every meeting and every circuit visited. Over 20 different types of sports cars turned out during the year emphasising the “Open” regulations and how much it was about the engineers and mechanics as well as the drivers.

Mike Jenvey took the overall championship title in his class B Jenvey-Gunn, but it wasn’t without tough competition. At Rockingham, Graham Cole in his A Class Jade Trakstar took him to the line for a split second finish, which resulted in a blown engine for Jenvey. Snetterton was equally tense with two tight races with the class B Spire GT-3 of Tim Gray who again fought him to the line. It was a good job Jenvey had sufficient points for the title before the Finals meeting at Donington, as he blew his engine in qualifying and had to withdraw from the final races.

Class racing is ultimately about turning up and finishing. The honours for consistent performance in the A class go to Richard Fearns who beat Paul Spencer to 1st place in class and 3rd overall, both of whom drive Radical SR8’s. Simon Tilling took 3rd place in his Ligier, although he didn’t race the final weekend having decided to retire from motorsports. Class B was a competitive place on track this year with Jenvey out front and Duncan Willians with his Juno taking lap records. However, it was Ginger Marshall in the Bowlby Mk2 with consistent performance that took class 2nd place ahead of Williams. Graham Hill headed Class C, also taking 2nd overall, leading Josh Smith, the 2014 OSS Champion, both of them driving the Radical PR6. Darcy Smith in a Radical SR4 was 3rd. Another Radical, a Clubsport took the Class D title in the hands of Alastair Smart.

For the first year we had the Aquila Synergy racing. It’s not often brand new cars are introduced into motor racing and Excool OSS is one of the few championships that enables this. Kevin Suenson, the 16 year old Danish, Nordic and Euro FF champion took the E class title, with the pairings Paul Watson and Matt Domin coming 2nd, and Ian Tam and Michael Steward taking 3rd. All were driving Synergies.

We can’t let the year pass without mentioning Williams and his lap records. He ended with three outright OSS records for Silverstone National, Brands Hatch Indy and Donington Park, all taken in the Juno CN2012 which was redeveloped as the year progressed.

The following debut drivers joined us during the year: Kevin Suenson (Aquila Synergy), Paul Watson (Aquila Synergy), Matt Domin (Aquila Synergy), Paul Hill (Aquila Synergy), Ian Tam (Aquila Synergy), Mike Steward (Aquila Synergy), Steve Owen (Radical Prosport), Steve Donovan (Aquila CR1), Joe Stables (Radical SR3), Steve Gore (Radical SR3), Richard Wise (Spire GT-3) & Jordan Sanders (Radical SR3).

Other highlights included the Marshall & Fraser team celebrating their 55th year of motor racing as a team in British Clubsport and they were recognised on programme covers at the Silverstone Season Opener. Mike Jenvey was awarded the Archie Scott Brown Trophy which is awarded annually by the BRSCC East Anglian Centre in memory of the 1950’s sports car driver. At Snetterton we had a world record for the number of Aquila racing cars on track when the 7 litre Aquila closed top CR1 joined the championship.

Heads up for 2016: With the support of Excool and Speed-Group, the championship has been significantly refreshed with more emphasis on competitive class racing, a loyalty bonus to help with costs, additional trophies and Motors TV to keep your fans and sponsors engaged. To be a part of the camaraderie of Excool OSS contact the Organiser, Alan Jenkins – alanoss@hotmail.com

Sarah Fraser


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