Cliff Dempsey Racing have had their second place finish at the 2009 BRSCC Formula Ford Kent Festival taken away from them when the engine in the car, driven by Scott Malvern, was deemed illegal due to a technical infringement in the carburettor.

Cliff Dempsey Racing wants to apologise first of all to driver Scott Malvern and also to engine builder Neil Bold.

The engine in the car was a Neil Bold but due to a massive flat spot in the carburettor the team fitted the carburettor from their spare engine which was built by another established engine builder from Northern Ireland. The flat spot problem was solved and the car ran for the duration of the Festival and the Walter Hayes Trophy meeting.The engine was sealed at Brands Hatch and ran sealed at the Walter Hayes. The engine was removed after these events and sent to Neil Bold for inspection and to the horror of Cliff Dempsey Racing the engine was deemed illegal due to a technical infringement in the carburettor. The engine builder in Northern Ireland has accepted full responsibility over the problem and has put it down as being a major oversight by him.

Cliff Dempsey has said “I am very disappointed with what has happened, we are at the mercy of our engine builders to build us the best engines possible but within the regulations. When a component goes faulty it is normal practice to use components from our spare engines but in this instance the component we fitted from our spare engine did not comply with the technical regulations. I have to stress that the carburettor fitted was off an Irish engine builder’s engine and had absolutely nothing to do with Neil Bold. I also want people to know that Scott Malvern was in a car rented for the Formula Ford Festival and it was neither the car nor engine that he used for the National Championship”.


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