Aquila has big plans for the new Synergy in 2015 and beyond.

The BRSCC is very pleased to announce that the new Aquila Synergy will have its own class in the Club’s Excool OSS Championship next season.

The Synergy is the latest concept from Scandinavia’s largest race car manufacturer and has been developed by Aquila General Manager Dan Suenson to offer universities a cost effective racing series in which students can gain the necessary experience to open the door into the professional motorsport industry.

Using a 1.0 litre, 3 cylinder Toyota engine and drivetrain, the Synergy design criteria focused on delivering an extremely lightweight, fuel efficient single seat racing car which would keep costs low not only to purchase, but crucially to run. An integral ingredient of the Synergy project however, is that it also allows students to experience building their vehicles before they take them racing.

For 2015 the Synergy cars will be competing for overall and class honours in the Excool OSS Championship, with the aim of developing its own stand-alone championship for the 2016 season which would feature three levels of entry; University Challenge Cup, the College Trophy and the Privateers Cup.

For more information contact:
Alan Jenkins
Excool OSS Championship Co-ordinator 07753617087

Dan Suenson
General Manager Aquila Race Cars Aquila Cars +45 40521130


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