BRSCC personnel came to the assistance of the PFL Motorsport team in the paddock on Sunday evening – Photo: Jakob Ebrey

The torrential weather this past weekend at Silverstone for the British GT centrepiece event did more than enough to catch drivers out, so much so that races were force to be abandoned due to the amount of rain and standing water. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only cause for concern after the racing stopped.

During the post-race paddock breakdown procedures, a series of events unfolded which unfortunately saw two incidents that left team members and medical personnel injured in the process. Given that the meeting had been declared over, a number of BRSCC personnel stayed beyond their required timescale in order to help those involved.
The Club’s Midland Centre’s Tony Carwithen made sure to praise those who gave their time and efforts to provide assistants, issuing the following statement.

BRSCC Midland Centre Chairman David Pierre has asked us to pass on the thanks of the Centre and the Club to those Club personnel concerned with dealing with the paddock incident after the end of the British GT meeting at Silverstone last Sunday. These include Rachel Dale & Lorna Vickers who are medically trained, backed up by Rescue Crew Chief Matthew Greenwood, all 3 stepping in when (due to other circumstances) extra medical assistance was required. Considering some personnel had immediate travel plans to account for (journeying to Le Mans) they had no hesitation in helping out as required until things sorted themselves out, even when it meant (in Matt’s case) not leaving the Circuit until around 8:30pm after spending extra time assisting one of the team personnel caught up in the accident.

Just goes to show that once the last chequered flag of the day drops doesn’t always mean the end of the day’s activities. Once again a big thank you from the BRSCC.

Many tend to forget that the majority of BRSCC Club personnel give up their free time in order to fulfil their required roles voluntarily at our race meetings. No matter how big or small their jobs may be, we value each and every one of our personnel for the hard work they put in and are very thankful for it.


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