You may have read recently in the press that one of the BRSCC biggest clients, Caterham Cars Ltd, have been bought by Team Lotus Enterprise. We caught up with Caterham’s Motorsport Manager Simon Lambert to ask how he sees the change in ownership impacting on the already very successful motorsport operation he runs at Caterham.

Simon’s enthusiasm for the opportunities created by the takeover was evident in his comments, "The purchase of the Company by Team Lotus Enterprise will allow Caterham to grow into a truly global brand and the cash injection that Tony Fernandes will provide allows us to expand Caterham's product family in a way that has simply never been possible before.

"Motorsport has always been at the core of Caterham's philosophy and, naturally, as the Company and its roadgoing offering expands, its already world-renowned motorsport operation has a similar opportunity to blossom. We can expect demand for the perennially over-subscribed Caterham Academy.

"We had already started the process of exploring new and exciting markets in motorsport with the introduction of the SP/300.R sports prototype, Caterham's first brand new model for 15 years, in January this year. Team Lotus Enterprise's arrival will only accelerate our motorsport business's global expansion.

“In terms of the way in which Caterham Motorsport is operated, there will be no immediate change – Caterham’s championships will still be organised in-house by the same team based in Dartford and in conjunction with the BRSCC. There may be some modest improvements to the paddock during the year and a possible rebranding of the Caterham Motorsport name to align us more closely with the F1 team.“

In concluding the interview Simon emphasised that with the assistance of the BRSCC, Caterham Motorsport will continue to strive to provide the same excellent service as they always have done.

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