Conceived by BTCC Independent Champion Josh Cook and his Cooksport Ltd racing, tuning and performance supply company, the new-for-2023 season Cooksport Renault Cup is a natural next step in Cooksport expanding the support they deliver to their extensive Renault customer base, and stands as a great representation of the focus Cooksport gives to the Renault brand.

For the 2023 season, the Cooksport Renault Cup will see a selection of racing Clios and Meganes coming together to form an exciting new racing series to be hosted by the British Racing & Sports Car Club. Cooksport and the BRSCC already enjoy a commercial partnership with the recently introduced Mk7 Fiesta Junior car having been developed by the company, and with all control parts also supplied by Cooksport.

On commenting on the Cooksport Renault Cup announcement, Cooksport Managing Director Josh said, “Whilst we’ve been looking at launching a Cooksport backed Renault race series for a while now, we wanted to wait until the timing was right and a credible racing platform became available to us. Through our partnership with the BRSCC, we’ve pooled our ideas and have developed what we believe will become an exciting and fresh opportunity for owners of racing Renaults to come together and form a strong single brand racing community.

Even from within our own loyal customer base, we see numerous owners racing their cars in different series, and they tell us that a single brand full season of racing is something they’d much prefer. This gives ourselves and the BRSCC the confidence that 2023 is perfect timing to launch the Cooksport Renault Cup”.

BRSCC’s Head of Formula Development Greg Graham further commented, “Through working closely with Josh and Simon over the past couple of years, we’ve had various discussions about how we might assist Cooksport in developing their own Renault based race series, and we’re delighted to have now got to this point.

The Renault racing marketplace is one that Cooksport knows very well, and they are held in high regard by many within that community. Our research so far has shown us that there is a demand from within that community of race car owners to come together as part of a structured and well managed multi-model Renault series, and with Cooksport’s credibility at the forefront of the new Cooksport Renault Cup, it’s something the BRSCC are delighted to support”.

Class structure, technical regulations and 2023 race calendar will follow in the next weeks, so if you have a race-prepared Renault Clio or Megane please get in touch with Cooksport Renault Cup Series Coordinator Simon Joy to discuss things further and to register your interest in getting involved in 2023.

Detailed regulations and 2023 racing calendar will follow in the next few weeks, however draft class structure is:

Class A
Clio 4 RS – Renaultsport Dieppe Factory built race cars, Sadev Box – modifications permitted.

Class B
Clio 3 RS – Renaultsport Dieppe Factory built race cars, Sadev Box – modifications permitted.

Open Turbo Class
Megane 2, 3 and 4 RS permitted. Clio 2 and 3 with turbo conversions and Clio 4 non-Renaultsport Dieppe factory race cars.

Open NA Class
Invitational/ All comers – Clio & Megane non turbo cars. All non-Renaultsport Dieppe factory race cars.

To find out more, please visit the Cooksport Renault Cup web page here:

Please also visit the BRSCC’s Cooksport Renault Cup formulae page here:


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