The BRSCC has today released its annual accounts for the year end 2009 which show a remarkable turn around in comparison to the figures for 2008.

The Club returned a profit on its activities in 2009 compared to a deficit in 2008. Chairman Bernard Cottrell said “This is very good news for the Club. 2008 was an incredibly tough year with the start of the worldwide economic recession. With the outlook for 2009 not much better, we carefully planned our race calendar for last season to ensure that we maximized our income and this combined with cost saving initiatives across the Club has given us this huge turnaround. The fact that this was achieved without detracting from the service we offer our competitors or increasing entry fees makes it even more remarkable.”

The BRSCC’s AGM will be at 8.00pm on the 20th April 2010. The venue is the Holiday Inn- Rugby- Northampton, M1 Jct 18, Crick, Northants NN6 7XR.


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