The BRSCC will provide consultancy services to Donington Park. Photo:

Donington Park Racing Limited, owners and operators of Britain’s second major race track, have today announced a significant new step in its direction under the ownership of Kevin Wheatcroft, with the formation of a new alliance between the famous East Midlands circuit and the BRSCC.

Donington and BRSCC are two independent race industry veterans, each with ambitious plans for their own separate development. Each has a management team with a shared determination to ensure they enjoy an ever-larger voice in the competitive world of circuits and organising clubs. Two existing groups in the UK already each own four circuits and operate race clubs of their own, and so this new Donington – BRSCC agreement brings to both parties key added strengths that were not possible to have available separately.

BRSCC will be providing consultancy services focused on Donington’s relationships with the sport’s national and international governing bodies, and will be advising on the national and international race calendar planning, as well as working with Donington on future jointly organised major race and other events. BRSCC will also now maintain an office at Donington Park.

Christopher Tate, Managing Director at Donington Park, said “We have today appointed BRSCC to work with us on several key strategic issues. This new role is in addition to the BRSCC’s recent ‘wins’ when tendering for event management rights at Donington this year – for the European Le Mans Series, the FG Group’s Superstars event and the British Truck Grand Prix, among others.”

“As we plan for an exciting future for Donington – sadly now without Robert Fearnall – we are constantly looking for a competitive edge. As the only major one-venue UK circuit owner, other than our friends at Silverstone with their GP, Donington intends to always to think and act nimbly and effectively to maintain its key revenue streams – and especially to maintain its reputation as Britain’s favourite drivers and riders’ circuit. There is a lot going on at a resurgent Donington, new investment, improvements, key staff and we know it’s time for new initiatives on the way circuit owners and the major sporting clubs work together.”

“Just last week we announced the arrival of our welcome new tenants from the 750 Motor Club, with whom we also intend to soon be working together on various aspects of the UK national club racing scene, and now today we are taking this major step forward with the BRSCC.

“By benefitting from all the expertise and experience of our new partners Bernard Cottrell, Drew Furlong and all their team at BRSCC, my management colleagues here at Donington expect to be even better placed for the challenging times ahead”.

Bernard Cottrell, Chairman of the BRSCC said “This agreement with Donington Park is a landmark development in the business progression of the BRSCC. We are convinced that the circuit has a very bright future and we are very much looking forward to working with Christopher and his team to implement some fresh ideas.”


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