The BRSCC is delighted to announce a new partnership with Racing Pride for the 2020 season and beyond.

Established in summer 2019, Racing Pride promotes inclusivity within motorsport by actively supporting LGBTQ+ participants. With the help of driver ambassadors and a strong team of individuals involved in the different sectors of the industry, Racing Pride has received a lot of attention and praise in the motorsport world. Racing Pride’s commitment to breaking down the stereotypes and inequalities that exist in motorsport combined with the BRSCC’s willingness to make motorsport more inclusive are the signs of a promising partnership.

“As a Racing Club, we strive to get people of all backgrounds involved in the sport and promoting inclusivity in motorsport has been one of our goals for a number of years. Our ongoing partnership with W Series is a great example of making a positive impact in this sport and we certainly want to continue our efforts” said Antoine Maratray from BRSCC HQ before praising the work Racing Pride has done recently. “Racing Pride has been a superb Champion for LGBTQ+ participants in the sport so far and we are very excited to work with their team and ambassadors to spread a message of tolerance and inclusivity in the sport”.

This partnership will lead to a number of collaborative projects between the BRSCC and Racing Pride, shining a light on competitors, officials and volunteers who break down the barriers and stereotypes that exist within the sport.

Richard Morris, co-founder and Racing Pride Driver Ambassador added: “Partnering with the BRSCC represents a great milestone and an amazing opportunity for Racing Pride. Having a relationship with one of the largest organising clubs in British circuit racing will enable Racing Pride’s message of inclusivity and tolerance to reach thousands of participants across dozens of series. We look forward to working with the BRSCC as active partners to build on our shared commitment to breaking down stereotypes and inequalities in motorsport.”

Peter Daly, Chairman of the Club concluded: “We are very proud of our track record of promoting inclusivity in motorsport, but we remain aware of the importance of spreading a message of tolerance across participants to ensure they feel welcome and fully enjoy the sport they love. I believe this partnership with Racing Pride and their team will inspire people and make a positive impact on the sport”.

For more information on this new partnership, visit the Racing Pride website at and the BRSCC website at


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