BRSCC launches CityCar Cup


They may be small…but it’s going to be BIG!

In the UK club circuit racing scene we hear much talk about the importance of attracting competitors at a “grass roots” level, of keeping competitor costs low, and for clubs to offer the best value for money racing…however look around the current UK marketplace and it’s hard to find many race series that can truly lay claim to many of those aspects. Add into the mix that motorsport in general is under attack for a perceived lack of “green” credentials and it’s certainly a worrying conundrum.

Instead of looking at this situation as an impending crisis, the BRSCC have taken these messages fully on board and along with some key partners have committed to delivering a brand new saloon car sprint racing formula that ticks all of the boxes in terms of cost of cars, running costs, attractiveness to new racers, and a series that will deliver some of the lowest emission racing.

Welcome to the BRSCC CityCar Cup

The CityCar Cup is a new race series featuring 1.0 litre 3 door models of the 2005-2013 Toyota Aygo, Peugeot 107 and Citroen C1. Under their badges and slightly differing body styling, these cars have exactly the same underpinnings, engines and running gear…all having been manufactured on the same Czech Republic production line in a partnership between Toyota and the PSA Group.

The specification of the race cars and the carefully designed technical regulations ensure that not only will all cars deliver equal track performance, they will also look, sound, handle and feel like ‘proper’ race cars. Although the cost to buy or build a fully compliant car will be comparatively low, driver safety and driving entertainment will both factor highly, with cars featuring a bespoke ROPS designed by series development partners SW Motorsports, along with adjustable GAZ coilover suspension, Nankang NS-2R tyres, Powerflex Suspension bushes, a remapped ECU and various other mandatory features such as a sports exhaust, 15 inch alloy wheels and a cold air intake, all for only £6,995

The CityCar Cup race series was officially previewed at Croft Circuit on 9th June, where fully prepared versions of each model were given a full day shakedown prior to the final technical specification being signed off. This will be followed by a full race launch at Cadwell Park Circuit on Sunday 2nd August where a number of race cars will take to the circuit in BRSCC’s ClubSport endurance series.

The BRSCC have thereafter committed to hosting the CityCar Cup series as a class in the successful Clubsport Trophy races before scheduling its own dedicated calendar for 2021

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