Ahead of its public introduction at MotorsportDays Live on 5th/6th November at Silverstone, the British Racing & Sports Car Club is delighted to announce the launch of their next-generation Junior Championship race car.

Based around the 1.6 Sigma engined Mk7 Fiesta, the first example of the next-generation car will be on display at the event on the BRSCC’s stand in the main hall (Stand H230).

Through a combination of strong marketing and support further enhanced by the massive amount of commitment and effort shown by Championship Coordinator Laura Payne, the club’s Fiesta Junior Championship has been stabilised over the past few seasons, however the club believes that the age, specification and image of their current junior car has become a key restricting factor in attracting new young racers into the category.

After a period of discussion between club management and Motorsport UK, followed by the submission of a detailed proposal, provisional authorisation was granted for the next generation car to be introduced in the 2022 season to race alongside the current model. Although this was an innovative and unique idea, Motorsport UK showed great support and agreed for the project to be progressed. The summary agreement dictates that the new car will be performance-comparable to the current spec car, and that the current spec car can be used in the championship until being superseded by the next generation car…the expectation being that this could happen by the 2025 season.

As part of the BRSCC’s development plans for their junior category, the club looked at all aspects of the current programme, this to identify strengths and weaknesses and along with the age and image of the current car, the technical specification and parts supply chain were flagged as areas that required improvement, simplification and importantly the ability to control costs for future competitors.

To support future junior racers as strongly as possible in terms of sourcing the relevant parts to ensure ease of building next-generation cars, and to help manage and control costs, the club will be introducing a “single supplier” initiative for all mandatory and control parts, this to include engines. Not only will this allow the club to carefully manage build costs on behalf of competitors, but more importantly, it will ensure technical and on-track performance equality of the new cars.

To this end, BRSCC is delighted to announce that long term club associates Cooksport Ltd have been appointed to the role of technical development and supply partners for the next generation junior car. Working closely with Cooksport on every aspect of the new car, the development of the first example is well underway, and this is the car which will be on display at MsD Live.

Paul McErlean, BRSCC’s Chief Operating Officer:

“One of the most important aspects of what we do as a club, is to ensure that we offer attractive access points to those new drivers who are the lifeblood of future motorsport. Proof of this is the success of our CityCar Cup Championship where around 60% of drivers are first-time race licence holders, and our Mk1 Mazda MX-5 Clubman Championship which regularly attracts new racers.

Whilst we’ve worked hard as a team to secure the foundations of our junior category, and no one more than our Junior Championship Coordinator Laura Payne, we strongly believe that the introduction of this next generation car will create an exciting, affordable and attractive access point for even more junior racers to become involved.

Although we approached them with a unique concept in a 2 model/shared junior grid, the support of Motorsport UK for the project has been fantastic. It’s clear that they have a shared understanding that attracting new racers into the sport is of key importance, and they have worked with us openly to ensure a seamless transition from concept to delivery of the first next generation car”.


Greg Graham, BRSCC’s Head of Formulae Development:

“Having carried out an in-depth evaluation of our Junior Championship over the last seasons, it was apparent that the current model of car was causing restrictions in terms of availability of suitable donor cars and good ready to race stock, this not helped by some complexities in the parts supply chain, and the perceived costs related to building new competitive examples.

Our senior Fiesta Championship has historically proven that the Mk7 1.6 Sigma engined car is reliable, plentiful and also cheap, and this gave us the confidence to base our next generation junior car on that model.

I’m a firm believer in the importance of equality of performance and costs in single make racing, and from the outset wanted to utilise the well proven “single supplier” option, this aimed at simplifying and controlling the parts supply chain for all key components of the new car. Through discussions with Josh Cook and his team at Cooksport Ltd, it became clear that they had the skills and expertise to provide exactly what we envisaged, and they have been appointed to the role of technical and development partners, as well as championship parts and engine suppliers”.


Simon Joy, Cooksport:

“Cooksport are extremely proud to become the official technical & supply partner to the BRSCC for the next generation of Junior drivers. Our background of regulated single make racing from Karting, through Junior Programs and onto high profile manufacturer backed racing gives us a great insight into how we can offer future drivers the best opportunity to let their talent shine through. The development direction of the car is aimed at it being fun to drive, modern and safe, as well as delivering equality of performance which is hugely important in single make racing series.

Having professional racing driver Josh Cook leading the technical development of the project, will provide the touring car drivers of the future the confidence that he has personally put his engineering expertise into the car…and also thoroughly put it through its paces on track! Not only will we build and test the new car, we’ve already put together a cohesive specification that really works together, and at the target price point is unrivalled”.


Josh Cook, Professional Racing Driver & Director at Cooksport Ltd:

“I’m very fond of club level motorsport and especially Junior tin top racing, after all it’s where I started my own racing career! I think it’s a really important proving ground for young people who are looking to have a career in car racing, and who need the assurances that they can begin their careers in a well managed championship at an affordable level. This project proves just how committed the BRSCC are to the future of British Motorsport and that’s something that myself and Cooksport can really get behind”

Whilst developing the next generation car, both the BRSCC and Cooksport have been fully focussed on delivering a package that offers genuine value for money to new racers, yet without compromising on safety, quality or driveability. Through the appointment of carefully chosen partners, the build kit for the next generation cars will include:

  • Fully Rebuilt and Sealed Engine
  • Homologated Junior Spec ROPS by SW Motorsports
  • FIA Junior Formula Side Impact Protection System
  • AST Suspension Kit
  • Racelogic V-Box System
  • ACW Motorsport Polycarbonate Window Kit
  • Fire Safety System
  • Corbeau Race Seat and Harnesses
  • Race Exhaust System
  • 4 x Braid Alloy Wheels
  • 4 x Goodyear Race Tyres
  • FIA Compliant Fuel Tank Protection Guard
  • Ramair Engine Air Intake System
  • Powerflex Poly Bush Suspension Kit
  • Mintex Brake Kit
  • Front Splitter

The estimated target price of the full build kit is £13,490 plus VAT, which offers fantastic value for money, especially when considering that suitable donor cars are available from around £1500.


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