This Saturday at Snetterton marks the start of something special – a brand new endurance series by the British Racing & Sports Car Club that’s set to take British club motorsport by storm! Thanks to the success of its sister series, the Clubsport Trophy, the club has created the all-new SuperSport Endurance. Saturday will see the theory put into practice as the Snetterton 300 circuit in Norfolk plays host to the inaugural race, set to run over 100 minutes.

The SuperSport Endurance Cup Series will utilise a power to weight based class structure, multiple driver options, refuelling and mandatory pit stops. Race durations will vary from 90 minutes to 3 hours, with the inaugural event being allocated 1hr 40mins on the Snetterton 300 track layout.

The multi-class structure allows an access point for most club-level racers, with the top classes catering for the likes of TCR cars, Ginetta and ex-BTCC cars. The mid classes are attractive to owners of BMW M3s, Clio Cup, VW Cup, Civic Cup cars and the like, while the last few will see the kind of cars familiar to those seen regularly in the Clubsport Trophy as well as other clubmen level BRSCC formulae such as Mazda MX-5s and BMW Compacts.

For the first ever race, all but one class is represented, with Pro-A assuming the role as top class this weekend. Their line up consists of David Trigg and Stuart Daburn in a Lotus Exige Euro Cup R, a Honda Civic Type R FK2 to be driven by Stuart Emmett and Dan Ludlow and a pumped up BMW Compact with Compact Cup regulars Martin Gadsby and Ian Jones behind the wheel.

There’s always a chance that any of the cars in Pro-B could also creep up and steal the ovberall win too. The BMW M3 of Ben Salmon features the only three driver line-up on the grid this weekend as he shares the car with Nick Starkey and Matthew Maxted, and they’ll be up against the Porsche Cayman of Steve Hewson and the SEAT Supercopa of Mike Nash in their class.

The Clubman-A class is looking like an interesting affair with Clubsport Trophy regulars David May and Mark Skeats in attendance in their Nissan 370Z returning to Norfolk just six days after they last raced. They’ll be pitting themselves up against Ben Davis and Peter Tyler in a Renault Clio Cup car, while former Mazda MX-5 regulars Jeremy Crook and Alec Livesley are also here too in their Honda Civic Type R EP3.

Clubman-B is very much the domain of the Mazda MX-5, with two of the latest examples on the grid and Paul Sheard behind the wheel of one of them, alongside former MX-5 Super Series star Joshua Jackson sharing his Mk4 with Simon Woods. There’s also two Mk3 in the hands of SuperCup stalwart George Grant and Ivor Mairs, plus Clubsport Trophy regular Scott Ferguson will also bring along his supercharged Mk1 model. Ben Nossiter will also be on the grid too aboard his BMW E36 saloon.

Finally, Clubman-C will see a battle between BMWs and Mazdas, as Matthew Fletcher brings his Mk1 MX-5 to play alongside racing debutants Niel and Charlie Luke in a Mk3, while the Compact Cup is also represented well with cars being shared by Matthew Parkes and Jim Barratt, along with Wayne Flint and Gordon Macmillan.

It should be a superb spectacle and with a full-length five-race season planned for 2022 and overwhelming general interest from the British club racing scene already looking at competing next year. this Saturday’s race should set the groundwork for what’s sure to be another BRSCC hit series!

Scott Woodwiss


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