The British Racing & Sports Car Club has a long history of successfully persuading new drivers into motorsport, and also for delivering them well run race series where they can build and hone their skills whilst enjoying great racing.

The Nankang Tyre CityCar Cup Championship is one such series, and with a such a low-cost point of access it is perfect for new drivers coming into the sport whether young or old. The cars are built around ultra-reliable first generation Citroen C1 / Peugeot 107 / Toyota Aygo donor cars, and with their comprehensive SW Motorsports roll cage, GAZ Shocks coil-over race suspension and 15 inch Nankang NS-2R tyres, they perform like proper little race cars on track!

We sometimes hear potential new drivers saying that CityCar Cup might not be at the top of their list when choosing a race series to start their careers in because the cars are “slow”, but this is far removed from the reality of what the cars and the championship actually deliver. Whilst the cars may not be blindingly fast in a straight line, through the all important twisty bits they are equal to and often quicker than much more exotic (and expensive) machinery.

With carefully controlled technical specifications, the cars are all equal in terms of performance and handling, and it takes skill and racecraft for any driver to find their way to the front of the pack.

CityCar Cup delivers a brilliant platform for new drivers to learn their racing and to develop their skills without spending fortunes. To allow new drivers to get first-hand experience of the CityCar Cup cars and what they are like to drive, the BRSCC in partnership with Nankang Tyres is delighted to announce that the Club has donated a fully race ready example to The Motorsports School which will be used by them to carry out ARDS training and driver evaluations. Anyone signing up to take an ARDS test with The Motorsports School in future will be given the opportunity to do so in this fully fledged little CityCar Cup race car.

The car is exactly the same as championship cars currently seen on the CityCar Cup grid and will give new drivers the most authentic “race car” experience when taking their ARDS tests or coaching sessions.

The BRSCC has enjoyed a long and mutually successful partnership with The Motorsports School, one of the UK’s leading providers of ARDS Tests and driver tuition packages…and the club recommends their top level services to anyone looking to get involved in circuit racing.

Commenting on behalf of the BRSCC, head of Formula Development Greg Graham said, “Through our partnership with Nankang Tyre UK we’re delighted to provide The Motorsports School this new CityCar Cup ARDS / Training car as yet another important step in demonstrating to the racers of the future that the BRSCC offers the very best access points for their saloon car racing careers. We hope that by gaining their race licences in the CityCar Cup race car, they then choose the championship as their first step on the racing ladder”.

On behalf of The Motorsports School, Pete Edwards responded, “Having enjoyed a great working relationship with the BRSCC over many years, the provision of this new CityCar Cup ARDS and training car has shown us just how much the Club values what we do in terms of encouraging new drivers into the sport. It’s also great demonstration of the significant investments that the BRSCC are making toward developing UK club racing. We can’t wait to give drivers the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the new car, and to deliver them their first experience of what a proper race car feels like on track”.

As a bonus for any driver that takes their ARDS Test with The Motorsports School in the CityCar Cup car and then decides to join the championship, you’ll also be eligible for free CityCar Cup Championship registration courtesy of Nankang Tyre UK.

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