In order to restart racing within the UK, it is necessary to adjust some of our practices and procedures in order to satisfy the requirements laid down by the government and most importantly to provide the safest environment possible for everyone involved whether competitor, official or member of the circuit staff. Therefore in line with the guidelines produced by Motorsport UK, the BRSCC will operate their events as follows:

  • All race entries are to be done via the Rev-Up online system in the usual way. You can log in via this link:

  • Prior to taking part in their first event of the year, all competitors must upload a clear and legible picture of their current race licence (front) to our validating system. This will be used to verify that an appropriate licence is held for the event to be entered. However, competitors must bring their race licence to the events as spot checks will be made. The licence upload system is active now:
  • Seven days prior to each event, each competitor is required to complete the self-declaration form found within the “sign-on” section of the Rev-Up online system and the responses will be collated for each meeting.  We will notify you by email when you can complete the self-declaration form.

  • The club will issue tickets to each entry as usual but will not be able to issue any additional passes hence restricting the number of people, we expect the number of tickets to be 4 per entry. These tickets should be used for those needed to run the vehicle. Children under 16 are advised not to attend.

  • The competition vehicle and its tow vehicle/transporter will be allowed access to the paddock, but no private vehicles will be allowed. Parking will be limited to the space allocated to your championship/series only. At all times around the venues please respect the government instructions regarding social distancing.

  • Where two or more vehicles are run from the same awning/paddock space there must be adequate distance between the vehicles to allow them to be worked upon while maintaining social distancing. The sharing of tools etc. should be avoided and if it is necessary then sanitisation must take place between different users.

  • Competitors are responsible for providing any PPE required to ensure that those involved with their entry are in a safe environment. It is advised that individual paddock spaces are defined with tape or some alternative to deter people from entering your area without invitation.

  • The BRSCC will appoint a Covid-19 Officer to each event who will be responsible for reporting back to Motorsport UK that everything is being run in accordance with their guidelines. If the officer has any concerns about people violating the rules and regulations around the restrictions, this will be reported to the senior clerk for possible action, which may include disqualification from the event.

  • There will not be any signing-on at an event as the online self-declaration form covers that. However, you must still bring all appropriate documentation with you as spot checks may be made in the usual way.

  • Driver briefings will only be done by way of pre-recorded video, or by written briefing notes, final instructions will advise on how your particular formulae will be briefed.

  • There will not be any scrutineering before going onto the track as you will have completed the online self-declaration form. However, you should expect scrutineers to make checks on a number of vehicles along with checks on competitors’ equipment such as overalls, helmets, etc. Failure to produce the required documentation may result in disqualification.

  • Competitors are responsible for getting their vehicle to the assembly area as usual and from there they will be directed onto the circuit. Prior to races, drivers must know their grid position in order that they can find their allocated space in the assembly area and on the grid as there will be a limited number of officials to assist.

  • The use of paddock vehicles to move equipment to and from the pit lane is permitted but they may only carry equipment and have one person as the driver with no passengers. Only one person will be allowed onto the pit wall per entry for signalling.

  • Driver change procedures will be published to competitors in a separate document nearer the time of their race events.

  • While on track the rules and regulations remain unchanged so things such as track limits still apply. Should your vehicle stop trackside as a result of a problem or an incident you will be approached by a marshal at a distance. Indicate to that marshal if you are OK by giving them a “thumbs up” signal, failure to do so will mean that additional help will be called for to assist you personally and to move your vehicle as that marshal may be unable to assist alone. This may, as a result, cause a delay or a red flag.

  • At the end of each session, all vehicles must go to Parc Fermé as usual. Once there you may get out of your vehicle but remember to observe social distancing at all times. No other people will be admitted to the Parc Fermé. The scrutineers will keep any vehicles they wish to check and send the balance back to the paddock.

  • It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that a transponder is fitted and working. Transponders can be hired prior to the event directly with TSL-timing via the following link:!/Single-Event-Transponder-Hire/p/211269578/category=0. Transponders will not be available for hire at the event.

  • The results of qualifying and races will not be printed out at events. Live timing, race results and grid sheets will be available via the TSL website only ( This information will also be available on the BRSCC Event Page and online notice board.

  • It will be necessary to undertake judicial action to deal with people breaching the regulations. However, this will be done by observing social distancing.

  • All judicial procedures undertaken will be done electronically. Penalties and decisions from the clerk of the course will be announced verbally, over the phone or in a face-to-face meeting if the facilities allow it and then sent electronically. Protests or appeals must be submitted electronically by completing the protests and appeal form available on the MSUK website and the BRSCC event page and emailed to the secretary of the meeting in good time. We will notify you of the correct email address to use prior to each event.

  • Race administration will be in operation at each event. However, we request that people contact their championship/series co-ordinators in the first instance for assistance. If you do need to contact race administration, then please phone our race administration contact line on 01732 795 192 (the number will only be active during the events). Please only go to race administration in person if it is absolutely necessary.

  • Safety in all areas of the venue is the responsibility of all present to ensure that risk is minimised. The wearing of face masks/coverings is essential when social distancing may possibly be breached, e.g. two mechanics working on a car, a driver going to race administration or going through any scrutineering checks.

  • Medical provision for the track will be maintained as you would expect. However, the medical centre is primarily for the competitors and should not be used as a drop-in centre for minor injuries. Competitors should carry a first aid kit to deal with minor injuries. It is imperative that anyone feeling unwell with Covid-19 like symptoms should not attend the medical centre; rather they should inform race administration (01732 795 192) of their concern before leaving the venue to contact their doctor or call the NHS helpline 111.

  • There will be limited media involvement which will be at the total discretion of the venue operator as to who is admitted.

  • As of 01/07/2020, overnight stays at the venues are permitted from the evening prior to your race day. It is advisable to contact the venue nearer the time to check for any updates. When staying overnight, government and circuit guidelines must be complied with.

  • In addition to these guidelines, there may be other restrictions imposed by the venue and these must be followed at all times.

  • Podium celebrations will be done observing social distancing, with trophy recipients going on the podium individually.

These guidelines are mandatory and failure to comply with them may result in the competitor being disqualified from the event.

At all times the competitor is responsible for their own actions and those of anyone accompanying them. As such the competitor must be satisfied that the current Covid-19 situation adds an additional danger to the sport and they must realise just what this risk is and will be deemed to accept the situation by attending the event. If the competitor does not feel safe in the current climate and within the constraints of what is listed above then they should not attend the event.

Please remember that the actions of one individual can compromise the safety of all those present at an event and as such the greatest level of care must be exercised. These guidelines have been prepared so we can get back to racing in the safest possible environment. 

The BRSCC guidelines provided in this document are to be followed alongside all guidelines issued by Motorsport UK and the venues.

To download a PDF copy of these guidelines for yourself, click the following link


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