The British Racing & Sports Car Club is delighted to announce a rebrand and relaunch of the Avon Tyres Northern & Super Classic Formula Ford Championship, which will now be run and known as the Avon Tyres Super Classic Pre ’99 Formula Ford Championship.

Following the overwhelming success of the 50th Formula Ford Festival and after consultation and discussions with several Formula Ford drivers in recent weeks, the feedback received was for the BRSCC to cater more to Kent-engined Formula Ford chassis built before 1999, all of which are eligible to compete in one of the four Super Classic classes run in the championship’s existing format. Following this feedback, the BRSCC has elected to make the championship exclusive to all cars that fit within the four Super Classic classes for the 2022 season. Subsequently, this will mean that cars which had previously run in the P Class (built between 1999-2021) will no longer be eligible to compete.

The provisional calendar for the 2022 season remains unchanged with visits to Oulton Park, Anglesey, Croft and Donington Park on its six-meeting schedule, with the plan to switch the championship to a more nationwide mix of circuits for 2023 and beyond.

Peter Daly, Chairman, BRSCC: “The demand and enthusiasm for racing older Formula Fords is certainly there. Drivers of cars built from the mid 80’s to the late 90’s all have the machinery to get on the podium. There are cars for sale at very reasonable prices out there and with strong Historic and Classic Championships at HSCC in place for the pre-1982 cars, this was an obvious gap at BRSCC in having a level playing field for a number of Formula Ford 1600 race car owners. We believe it can work and encourage all drivers and owners of any Formula Ford built from 1998 or older to come and join us on the grid next season.”

If you’re interested in competing in next season’s Avon Tyres Super Classic Pre ’99 Formula Ford Championship, then be sure to get in touch with the championship coordination team at for more details. You can also visit the dedicated Formulae page on the BRSCC website for more details too.


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