Photo: Jon Elsey

The BRSCC has suspended the use of the Code 60 procedure for all remaining meetings this season.

Code 60 was introduced by the Club at the start of the 2017 season for two reasons; to ensure that competitors had the maximum racing time on track and also to provide the marshals with a safe environment in which they could quickly deal with on-track incidents.

Code 60 has been used at eleven BRSCC meetings this season but there has recently been a groundswell of opinion building from our customers telling us they have concerns with the Code 60 procedure, including problems regulating speed, the visibility of the purple Code 60 flags and how the races are re-started.

Therefore, with immediate effect, we will be suspending Code 60 and returning to the use of a Safety Car for all remaining BRSCC meetings this season.

Bernard Cottrell
Chairman – BRSCC