Colin Barnes took the GPDA Trophy back to Cheshire. Photo: Gary Hawkins

Rounding up the 'Club' awards made at last Saturday's awards dinner dance, we are delighted to report that Colin Barnes won the Monty Terrell GPDA Trophy.

The original GPDA Flag Marshals Trophy is presented annually to a BRSCC Flag Marshal for excellent service during the season. All BRSCC Centres can nominate a local marshal and Colin was put forward as the North West Centre candidate.

The trophy dates from the early 70's and is now named after Monty Terrell, who was the BRSCC's Chief Flag Marshal in that period and won the award in 1976.

Before declaring Colin the worthy winner, BRSCC Chairman Bernard Cottrell, made a point of thanking all marshals for their invaluable work, "I’m sure you would all join me in thanking the marshals en masse for their hard work and dedication. They really are the very life-blood of motorsport."

Bernard then outlined the reasons why Colin had been selected as the winner, "Colin has been marshalling with the BRSCC since 1999, including the last year as a Chief Flag marshal. His local circuit is Oulton Park and it is there that he has marshalled most, although he has volunteered at other circuits, including Silverstone, where he has assisted at many British Grand Prix. Colin was also one of the team of flag marshals invited to Abu Dhabi to officiate at their inaugural grand prix, and to train their local marshals. He is well regarded by his colleagues, not only for his flagging ability but also for his skill in passing that knowledge and experience on to trainees.

Colin's ordered and calm approach made him the ideal candidate to replace Mike Cadwallader, Oulton’s Chief Flag, when he took the decision to step down at the end of 2012. As Chief Flag last year, he juggled the demands of allocating experience around the circuit, matching this with trainees’ needs and the individual marshals’ personal requirements. Not always an easy task, but he has often achieved the sometimes impossible, and always with a friendly demeanour, that makes him popular amongst his colleagues. Colin is always a pleasure to work with and his leadership inspires confidence".

Colin now joins the list of previous winners detailed below:

2008 – John Souch
2009 – Peter Button
2010 – Paul Newns
2011 – Paul Parkin
2012 – John Baker


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