David Grady won the coveted Edwin Trophy in 2008. Photo: www.dennisg-photography.co.uk

The 6th running of the “Edwina Trophy” race takes place at our Midland Centre Mallory Park meeting on 26th July 2009. The first race was organised in 2004 to remember Mrs Edwina Overend, the former Managing Director of Mallory Park Motorsport Ltd.

It was in 1982 that Edwina and her husband Ron re-opened Mallory Park for racing again following its closure at the end of 1981 and then the sale of Mallory Park to motorsport legend Chris Meek. Edwina and Ron were then later joined by their son David and for over twenty years ran the circuit turning it into the legendary “friendly circuit”.

The race winner will be awarded the annual trophy by the Overend family. The trophy has been awarded twice to Gavin Wills and once to Ed Moore, Peter Daly and David Grady, all of whom have won the Star of Midlands championship at one time or another. Will this year see a new winner?


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