2013 Fiesta Junior champion JJ Ross in the Motorbase BTCC Ford Focus. Photo: Ford Racing UK

Fiesta Junior champions Charles Ladell (2012) and James ‘JJ’ Ross (2013) realised their dreams of piloting a fully prepared British Touring Car Ford Focus at Snetterton on Tuesday at Snetterton. The test drive was offered by Dave Bartrum’s successful Motorbase Performance team as part of the prize for the Fiesta Junior winning driver for both the 2012 and 2013 seasons.

Both drivers had substantial time in the Ford Focus Touring Car and impressed the team with their obvious talent and skills and the quick way both adapted to the Focus. The drivers found the day an amazing experience and were at pains to show their appreciation to Bartrum and Michael Butler (Dunlop Motorsport) for making the day happen. The young 16-year-old drivers clocked some respectable times around the Snetterton 300 track.

There were some envious glances as Ladell and Ross were strapped into the race car and whizzed off to complete laps before each making the afternoon session a full ten lap race simulation distance.

It was an unforgettable day for both the young champions and was a great boost for the Fiesta Junior Championship, which has continued to grow this season.

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