The Ford XR Challenge sponsored by BRS Recovery Services ended the 2009 season with some very upbeat predictions for 2010.

Championship co-ordinator Dave Fairclough kept a firm hand on the race day action to keep interest high and many new potential drivers are coming forward to race in this long running championship. Another Ford Racing UK championship which bucked slim grid averages, the XR’s kept turning out and maintained the 2008 grid average.

The two class championship caters for the mid 1980's Ford Fiesta XR2 and Ford Escort XR3i. These cars may be viewed as aged or even near classics, but the truth defies this image as the cars are still as fast (if not faster) than when they ran as a Ford Motor Company backed championship. The two classes are near showroom specification which means it is one of the most cost effective championships to race in.

The preparation and presentation of all cars sets a very high standard with competitors striving to show excellence both in the way the cars look and the way they are driven on track.

As most of the driver base is within a quick drive of Oulton Park, the race venues reflect the demographics by staging races at Oulton Park and Anglesey, with a couple of 'away days' at Midlands circuits.

As you may expect, being a one make championship the racing is both close and exciting. The final race in 2009 saw 25 cars entered at Oulton Park to round off a thrilling season. Simon Robinson was the Fiesta XR2 champion while Chris Jones took the Escort XR3i title.

BRS Recovery Services have confirmed continued welcome sponsorship for 2010 and Yokohama will again supply the control tyre with the A048 R (M) being the tyre to run.

Information on the Ford XR Challenge may be found at Click Here or by calling Kevin Shortis of Ford Racing UK on 01323 895859.


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