Ahead of what is destined to be the busiest season of Fiesta Junior racing in the Championship’s history, the British Racing & Sports Car Club is delighted to share another important initiative aimed at supporting aspirational junior saloon car racers.

The BRSCC takes great pride in leading the way in providing the highest levels of support and commitment for Junior racers, and as a “not-for-profit” organisation the Club is unique in that their racing programmes are run solely for the benefit of their racing members, with any annual surplus being invested directly back into ensuring even better levels of service and value.

As part of the BRSCC’s support programme for junior racing, the Club has enjoyed a long and mutually successful partnership with The Motorsports School, one of the UK’s leading providers of ARDS Tests and driver tuition packages, and has recommended their services to many aspiring junior drivers. As further testament to the BRSCC’s investment in junior racing, on Thursday 12th January at the NEC’s Autosport International show the Club presented Pete and Mel Edwards of The Motorsports School with a stunning Mk7 Fiesta Zetec S replica race car, this to be used by the school as a junior ARDS test and training vehicle.

The car is exactly the same model as the next-generation Fiesta Junior Championship cars currently seen on the FJC grid, and will give young drivers the most authentic “race car” experience when taking their ARDS tests or coaching sessions. It is fitted with an SW Motorsports roll cage, Corbeau race seats and harnesses, race suspension, Braid race wheels, Goodyear tyres, PBS brakes, rear wing and front splitter, and it also comes fully “race spec” liveried courtesy of AMR Racing.

In addition to junior ARDS tests and coaching sessions, the car will also be made available for Junior Driver experience days by The Motorsports School, further details of which they will publish on their website and social media channels. Further to all of the above, any junior driver who takes their ARDS test in the car and subsequently joins the Fiesta Junior Championship at any point in 2023 will be given their first race entry completely free of charge!

None of the above would be possible without the support and contributions from a number of highly valued partners, these including The Motorsports School themselves, Cooksport, SW Motorsports, PBS Brakes, Corbeau Seats, Goodyear Tyres and AMR Racing.

Commenting on behalf of the BRSCC, chief operating officer Paul McErlean said, “With all of the recent news surrounding our Fiesta Junior Championship, such as the introduction of our next-generation Mk7 Zetec S race car, along with FJC supporting the TCR UK Touring Car Championship in 2023 and beyond, our goal of FJC becoming the prime choice for those looking to get involved in junior racing is no secret. Our partnership with The Motorsports School and the provision of this new ARDS / Training car is yet another important step in demonstrating to the racers of the future that the BRSCC Fiesta Junior Championship is the very best starting point for their saloon car racing careers”.

On behalf of The Motorsport School, Pete Edwards responded, “Having enjoyed a great working relationship with the BRSCC over many years, the provision of this new Mk7 Fiesta Junior Championship ARDS and training car has shown us just how much the Club values what we do in terms of encouraging new young drivers into the sport. It’s also another demonstration of the significant investments that the BRSCC are making toward UK Junior racing. We can’t wait to give new young drivers the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the new car, and to deliver them their first experience of what a Junior Fiesta race car feels like on track”.

THE MOTORSPORTS SCHOOL WEBSITE – https://themotorsportsschool.co.uk/

FIESTA JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP FORMULAE PAGE – https://brscc.co.uk/formulae/fiesta-junior-championship/


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