Mk3 driver representative has been working hard on planning improvements to the SuperCup for 2014. Photo: John Cooper

With the final round of the inaugural BRSCC Mazda MX5 SuperCup finishing almost two months ago, the championship organisers could not have been busier.

With a lowly grid of just six cars taking the start at Castle Combe on 1stApril, the Championship finished with a very strong and capable grid of 18 cars at Oulton Park on 14thSeptember. Since then the powers that be behind the championship have been busy plotting the next chapter in the resurrection of the Mazda Mark 3 car.

The Mazda Mark 3 has been run in its current state for a number of years and it has now been decided that the cars need to be upgraded to get the best from this iconic car. First up is the introduction of a Pipercross Induction kit. With the increased performance from the induction kit, and to get the full benefit, the manifold is being upgraded to a Racing Beat specification, which will mean that the engine performance will be maximised. The new manifold will be mated to a Jetex racing catalytic converter, which will ensure full compliance with MSA Regulations.

With modifications to the engine complete, attention then passed to the suspension and whilst is has always been acknowledged that the Mark 3 is a forgiving car to drive, the introduction of fully adjustable anti roll bars would transform the handling of the car. The organisers have now agreed the introduction of Eibach fully adjustable anti roll bars. This will ensure that competitors will get all of the benefit of the engine upgrades onto the track and turn what has been a “standard” car into a true race car.

The full package of upgrades will see a big increase in performance from the car and will mean that lap times will be comparable with other more expensive sportscar series on what is a fraction of the cost.

BRSCC Competitions Director Drew Furlong commented, “We have worked hard with this new championship. For a long time the car has been wrongly overshadowed by the hugely successful Mark 1 championship car, but with these upgrades, the car will rightly be able to stand toe to toe with any sportscar championship in the UK. I’m very thankful for the assistance of Ray Worley, the driver’s representative, who spent many hours on this and extend our thanks to the four new manufacturers who will supporting the championship in 2014. We are currently formulating an exciting 2014 calendar for the SuperCup and will announce it in the next couple of weeks. We are already aware of new cars and new drivers coming into the championship for next year and with the momentum created this season, 2014 will see this championship truly come of age.”


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