The Tracksport mirrors the spec of last year's Supersport. Photo:

For the 2012 season we welcome another new Caterham derivative to the BRSCC portfolio – the Tracksport Championship.

The Tracksport has evolved from the highly successful Roadsport-A formula, keeping everything the same other than the switch to more modern Ford Sigma power. The Tracksport specification also mirrors that of the older 2011 Supersport Championship car.

Road suspension is replaced by stiffer dampers and race springs, with a wider track front suspension, while the engine is given a higher rev limit to enable drivers to make use of the improved aerodynamics that come from the removal of the headlights and windscreen (which is replaced by a race aeroscreen). However, the screen and lights can be easily refitted to make the car fully road useable between rounds.

Team support is allowed at this level, providing many drivers with the ‘arrive’n’drive’ convenience they require to enable them to keep racing. Alternatively, many drivers continue to take up the low-cost central support option offered by Caterham to help get them out of trouble should the time come!

In addition to the increase in specification of the car, the races extend to 30 minutes duration to really put drivers to the test. Unlike Academy and Roadsport, Tracksport drivers can stay in the championship year on year, making for a mix of rising talent and established competitors.

The Tracksport Championship gets underway at the BRSCC Caterham Raceday on the Silverstone GP circuit on Sunday 25th March with two 30 minute races.

For more information about Tracksport, and all the championships offered by Caterham Motorsport, contact Jenny Grace on 01322 625800 or email


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