We’re sure by now that a number of you will have seen this stunning NP01-EVO car either out testing at various circuits, or indeed taking part in the inaugural ZEO Sports Proto Series at Silverstone a few weeks back, and you may have been wondering just what it’s all about.

It’s been some time since the UK has seen such a unique and exciting race car coming to the market, and one that ticks so many boxes….Available to drive on a National B licence, LMP design style, ultra-reliable, genuinely fast, and it also comes with a great value for money price tag!

Being marketed in the UK by T7 Motorsport, and supported by the BRSCC this beautifully designed LMP style central cockpit race car weighs only 688kg and is capable of topping 155mph. Unlike some of the more “highly stressed” race cars on the market, the NP01-EVO is built around some extremely robust and low maintenance mechanical underpinnings. Contained amidships within its unique lightweight chassis is a modern 2 litre Mazda MZR engine which delivers 210 HP, and drives through a rear mounted Sadev 6 speed sequential box. The cockpit is designed to deliver a true “prototype” driving experience. The suspension, electronics, AiM MXL2 Dash, brakes, steering and controls are all designed to offer maximum levels of durability and reliability…a perfect recipe for the endurance racing format that T7 Motorsport and the BRSCC have in mind for this awesome car!

After many months of research, hours of viewing video footage, much feedback from US NP01 owners, followed by numerous commercial discussions with the US Manufacturer Sebeco Motorsport, T7 Motorsport took delivery of the very first UK NP01 EVO in May this year.

The NP01-EVO is a tube framed, composite bodied race car which has been designed from the ground up by US based NASA Pro Racing and manufactured by Sebeco Motorsport.  With reliability being their ultimate goal, the design and concept was simple:  To develop the world’s most affordable closed-cockpit prototype race car, with the highest performance to cost ratio possible.

The NP01-EVO is a refreshing introduction to the UK, designed not only to meet an appealing price tag, but with longevity and reliability at its very core, the aim of which being to almost eliminate the risk of regular expensive mechanical processes and parts failures.

The stunningly styled composite bodywork is designed for safety and ease of removal allowing access to the engine, front-end and wheels.  An adjustable aluminium wing completes the LMP style look, adding an excellent level of grip to an already very stable and easily controlled car.

The inside is also incredibly well designed and constructed.  The car was designed by drivers – for drivers.  It has a tidy, simplistic well labelled control panel, with the fully customisable AiM MXL2 dash.  An angled seat for custom seat liners.  Optional extras are available such as Cooling Suit compatibility, air jacks, helmet cooling and also paddle shift.

After various track sessions so far, T7 Motorsport director Jay Shepherd said, “As a driving experience, the NP01-EVO is unmatched in its balanced performance, providing a fast, fun, easy to drive ride that still offers a challenge to even the most experienced drivers. Entering the cockpit, there is plenty of room for larger drivers, be-it taller or wider, and with the custom moulded seat insert, there is a sense of security and comfort with everything at hand.  The centrally seated driving position really adds to the LMP experience, with plenty of visibility all round so you don’t feel claustrophobic”

Jay continued, “On track, the brakes are incredible, with a light touch slowing the car from speed and giving plenty of driver feel. There is pinpoint accuracy from the steering and great feedback, and  the Mazda MZR powerplant delivers plenty of performance along with a fantastic exhaust note which really enhances the racing feel…oh and it also delivers an attention seeking top speed!”


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