BRSCC Chairman, Bernard Cottrell, presents John Baker (left) with the Monty Terrell Trophy. Photo: Colin Mann

John Baker was presented with the GPDA ‘Monty Terrell Trophy’ by BRSCC Chairman, Bernard Cottrell, at Brands Hatch on Saturday, during the South Eastern Centre’s Training weekend.

Unfortunately, John was not able to attend the Awards Dinner the previous Saturday, where South Eastern Centre Marshals’ Secretary, Anne Rothberg, collected the trophy on his behalf.

When announcing the winner at the Awards Dinner, Bernard explained the reasons behind John receiving the award. “John has served the BRSCC South Eastern Centre since hestarted marshalling in the early '70's at Brands Hatch, his local circuit.

In 1978, while marshalling at Silverstone, he was struck by a Jaguar E type which shattered both is legs, an accident which tragically killed the two marshals with him. John spent a good while recuperating in hospital but within six months, he was back marshalling again at his home from home, Brands Hatch.

John is a true gentleman, reliable without fail, whatever the weather. He has no transport of his own so relies on friends to bring him to his race meetings. If a lift is unavailable, he will come by cab from Tunbridge Wells! He is a loyal supporter of the BRSCC who is always ready to support and help his fellow marshals”.

The GPDA Trophy dates from the early 70's and is now named after Monty Terrell, who was the BRSCC's Chief Flag Marshal in that period and won the award in 1976.

When making the speech, Bernard also paid tribute to the work all marshals do. “I would like to thank the marshals en masse for their hard work and dedication. They really are the very life-blood of motorsport. Although I am now fortunate enough to be a Senior Official, I will always be a marshal at heart so now that I am Chairman of the Volunteer Officials Advisory Panel I’m delighted that I can represent their interests at the highest level”.

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