Marshals Training Summary

Summary for Marshals’ Training – Driven By Racing 2023

Training will cover, where possible, all relevant MSUK modules both in theory and practical sessions for both on-track and off-track grades.

We will be joined by the BRSCC rescue crews for some of the practical exercises.   We will also be dealing with “hooking”, rolling a car, dealing with cars in the gravel, First Marshal on Scene and other practical scenarios, including those for specialist areas.

Everyone will be encouraged to undertake both fire theory and fire practical.

Theory sessions will look into “staying safe” and “should I go” – and understanding how the team works.

We are hoping that a Clerk of the Course will be able to join us for a session so marshals have an opportunity to ask questions of them, and gain an understanding of how and why they make decisions.

All marshals should be prepared to be outside so warm/waterproof clothes will be needed together with good sturdy boots.

All sessions will be led by MSUK trainers.  If you have anything you would like to be covered, please contact Nina (details below).

In addition, we will also be offering “virtual” training should anyone feel they’d like further training or would like to undertake a module not covered in the training days.

More details will be released nearer to the event, but please do not hesitate to contact Nina Fountain (marshals’ trainer team leader) at  Nina will be in contact with you individually to understand your specific training needs whether that be for upgrade or training refresher.

In addition, everyone will be entered into a raffle with some great prizes!  Watch this space


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