The marshals’ availability forms for all BRSCC run meetings for 2010 have now been issued by the relevant Centres and are available to download from this website.

Over the course of the season the BRSCC will run a wide variety of meetings ranging from the UK round of the FIA GT Championship through to genuine ‘clubbie’ meetings. No matter what the status of the event, one vital aspect is common to all – marshals!

A marshal is the most important person at a race meeting. Quite simply without the men & women who volunteer to freely give their time to marshal at events motor racing meetings could not take place. Marshalling is for anybody who is interested in and wants to be involved in motorsport. You don’t need any special skills or qualifications, just common sense and a reasonable sense of self-preservation.

If you are interested in becoming a marshal please contact the Chief Marshal at the BRSCC Centre local to you.


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