The BRSCC was saddened to learn of the recent passing of Martin “Chin” Chinnery, who unfortunately passed away on Monday this week due to ongoing health problems.

Chin had been one of the longest standing members of the Sevenoaks & District Motor Club since the 1960’s, and became an integral part of both the club and its committee during his time working for and with them. Martin was a true motorsport fan and advocate and was a keen competitor in road rallies wherever possible. His enthusiasm was almost unparalleled and this helped him compete, organise and work with both regional association and governing body highlights over his time in the sport.

Alongside this, Chin was a close friend of the club and had been a trophy supplier for many years, providing the club with many engraved trophies and glasswares in his time.

We collectively send our sincerest, deepest and heartfelt thanks, condolences and thoughts to Chin’s closest friends as well as the executor of his estate Andrew Kilby, who will be dealing with his immediate affairs for the foreseeable future.


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