James has every faith that Tandy (right) will do his new title justice – Photo: Gary Hawkins

Motorsport News journalist Matt James was full of praise in his comments regarding Nick Tandy's appointment as a Vice President of the Club at the Championship Awards dinner this past Saturday night, where he also received the coveted John Nicol Trophy (shown above with Club Chairman Bernard Cottrell).

In a piece written for and featured in this week's MN, James mentions Tandy's wish to give something back to the sport which he has committed so much to over the years. His commitment was rewarded with the John Nicol Trophy alongside his achievements in winning the Le Mans 24 Hours in 2015 as well as completing a fantastic drive in treacherous conditions to win the Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta in America overall in a GT car.

Matt's article reads as follows:

"I am very proud to say that I knew John Nicol. Having done some work experience at Brands Hatch as a young teenager, he was one of the men it was impossible not to meet, and someone it was impossible not to be impressed by.
Nicol was a chief executive of the British Racing and Sports Car Club and also operated the Brands Hatch Racing Club, which was devised by circuit supremo John Webb to promote the interests of the circuit through operating its own meetings – a bit like the MotorSport Vision Racing division which does the same thing for the Brands Hatch group of circuits now.
I was equally delighted to see the latest recipient, Le Mans winner Nick Tandy, pick up the John Nicol Trophy at the BRSCC’s annual awards bash in Stratford-upon-Avon on Saturday night. The accolade is another to contribute to Tandy’s impressive collection of silverware that he has earned over the last few seasons.

It was also announced by the BRSCC chairman Bernard Cottrell on Saturday night that Tandy had accepted the offer of becoming an honourary vice president of the club.

I can’t think of anyone more suitable for the job. Not only does Nick have a top-flight career for Porsche that has taken him to the very pinnacle of the sport with that victory at Le Mans, he also has a keen eye on the younger generation through his role heading up the JTR MSA Formula team.

There’s not a lot that escapes his attention on the nursery slopes. He knows the drivers, understands how the sport works, knows what is required to run a title-winning team and also has the knowledge that he has gained from years behind the wheel – all the way back to racing in Ministox when he was a much younger man.
And the humility that he showed when he stepped on to the stage on Saturday night was also impressive. Tandy was quick to pay tribute to all of the champions who had been highlighted earlier in the evening when they were picking up their own silverware. Tandy seemed genuinely impressed by the other talents in the room.
All of those factors combine to mean he is perfectly placed to have a useful input into shaping the future of the sport through his new role with the British Racing and Sports Car Club. He is desperate to give something back to the sport that has given him almost everything he has in life so far. It is a great match and a mark of the man that he was so eager to step up to the plate when Cottrell asked him."

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