The emphasis at this Sunday’s BRSCC Midland Centre meeting at Mallory Park will be very much on remembering and paying tribute to two important figures in the Club’s history.

The 6th running of the “Edwina Trophy” race takes place to honour Mrs Edwina Overend, the former Managing Director of Mallory Park Motorsport Ltd. It was in 1982 that Edwina and her husband Ron re-opened Mallory Park for racing again following its closure at the end of 1981 and then the sale of Mallory Park to motorsport legend Chris Meek. Edwina and Ron were then later joined by their son David Overend and for over twenty years ran the circuit turning it into the legendary “friendly circuit”. The race winner will be awarded the annual trophy by the Overend family. The trophy has been awarded twice to Gavin Wills and once to Ed Moore, Peter Daly & David Grady, last years winner.

Meanwhile, the TVR competitors will be paying tribute with two championship rounds dedicated to Peter Wheeler, who sadly passed away in June. Peter was in charge of TVR during some of the company’s finest modern years, launching lightweight and powerful rear-wheel drive Blackpool-built sports cars including the Chimaera, Griffith, Cerbera, Tuscan, Tamora and Sagaris with TVR's own engine. Many of these models are fittingly racing at Mallory on Sunday. Peter sold TVR to Russian businessman Nikolai Smolenski in 2004. As well as a successful businessman Peter was also an accomplished competitor and was behind the very successful Tuscan Challenge that the BRSCC ran in the 1990’s.

The Ma5da MX5 Championship will also be enjoying a double header and yet another full grid has turned out for the visit to the Leicestershire circuit. This one make championship, which is new to the BRSCC this season, is consistently providing both excellent numbers and racing in what is its debut season as a fully fledged championship.

The Mighty Minis have posted an impressive grid of 24 cars while their faster cousins, the Super Mighty Minis, have also got a respectable turnout as drivers move into the final third of the championship race. Also on the 9 race schedule, to complement the Edwina Overend Trophy, is a round of the Richard Egger backed Club Formula Ford Midlands South Championship. Finally, in line with the retrospective nature of the meeting there is a race for the 500 OA Series.


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