The BRSCC and MORIS on-line motorsport insurance providers have teamed up to conduct a unique survey through the 2010 season that will provide some factual data on the frequency & severity of racing accidents within ‘club’ motorsport.

Justin Everitt, Managing Director of MORIS continues: “We have tremendous support from the insurance market having created the world’s first on-line motorsport insurance website. One of the attributes of our methodology is to be able to talk with insurers on an informed basis so we have data and hard facts to hand. We are continually refining the premium rating and when we have key statistical information it helps us to keep our premiums as low as possible and allow the insurers to feel comfortable with their pricing. Working with the BRSCC enables us to accumulate data across a range of championships and it will be very interesting to start to put some numbers against some simple questions as we go through the season”.

Commenting for the BRSCC Dominic Ostrowski added “The data created by this research will allow the Club to answer questions from new & existing competitors as to the likelihood of them being involved in an accident firstly and then the level of damage they statistically may sustain. The research programme will also help to create awareness of the financial protections that exist through specialist motorsport insurance providers like MORIS and hopefully make policies more affordable.”

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