Nankang have increased their support for one of the fastest growing championships in British club motorsport – Photo: James Roberts

BRSCC are delighted to confirm that Nankang Tyre UK have signed a title sponsorship agreement for the 2017 BMW Compact Cup Championship.

BRSCC Competitions Manager Dominic Ostrowski said of the news, “Nankang Tyre had already been giving valuable support to the BMW Compact Cup for 3 years as mandatory tyre supplier, and we are delighted that they have now increased their level of support and commitment by agreeing to become title sponsors. Going forward, the championship will be known as The Nankang Tyre BMW Compact Cup Championship. We look forward to working closely with Nankang and indeed all of our sponsors to ensure the very best return on their investments throughout the coming season”

Nankang Tyre UK’s Motorsport Manager Ben Lawson said, “Nankang Tyre UK are proud to confirm a third year supplying the control tyre to the BMW Race Days Compact Cup, and this increased commitment was a logical step. The BMW Compact Cup Championship is arguably the biggest success story in UK club racing in recent years, with full grids, low cost base and performance equality, and it offers a fantastic platform on which we can demonstrate the quality and durability of our tyres. The Compact Cup philosophy is very similar to ours at Nankang, in offering a cost effective and enjoyable product. We strongly believe that club motorsport should not be about who has the deepest pockets, it should be about driver ability and performance equality amongst the cars, which the Compact Cup showcases this at every race”.

The Compact Cup will again be using the 195/50R15 NS-2R 180 compound, as it has a proven record of offering the consistent performance levels required as well as being an extremely cost effective option for drivers.

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