The British Racing and Sports Car Club is delighted to announce that Nankang Tyre UK have agreed to continue their title sponsorship of the Nankang Tyre BMW Compact Cup Championship for the 2021 race season.

If there has ever been a more suited tyre and race car combination than the Nankang NS-2R on a Compact Cup racer, then we’d love to see it! Over a number of years, Compact Cup racers have proven beyond doubt that the Nankang NS-2R provides great performance in all conditions as well as durability, reliability and also excellent value for money. It’s testament also to the tyre, that in Compact Cup qualifying sessions and races, you’ll often see fastest laps being set on well-used tyres towards the end of the sessions, proving that the NS-2R offers consistent performance throughout, rather than through a small “performance window” like some other products.

On the news of Nankang Tyre UK continuing their title sponsorship involvement, BMW Compact Cup Championship Coordinator Greg Graham said, “I’m personally delighted that Nankang Tyre UK have agreed to continue their valued support of the championship for another season. When you find a tyre partner that suits your championship so well, it actually becomes difficult to envisage a time where our cars could run on anything else”.

Jamie Smith, Head of Motorsport, Media & Marketing at Nankang Tyre UK added, “Over many years now we’ve built a great relationship with the BRSCC and the Compact Cup management team, however much more importantly we also share a great passion for Compact Cup racing with the teams and competitors. I believe that the Nankang Tyre BMW Compact Cup Championship is a great platform to showcase the performance of our tyres, as well as increasing our UK brand visibility”.


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