New lease of life for restructured 2020 BRSCC Porsche championship


The future of the BRSCC Porsche championship is looking bright thanks to a radical rethink of the championship structure embracing an expansion  of the range of cars eligible to race, a new meeting format, lower costs and greatly simplified technical regulations.

The rethink follows a gradual decline in grid numbers over the past few seasons which had brought into question the whole future of the championship.

With an objective of growing 2020 grid sizes, the BRSCC and championship officials carried out a far-reaching analysis of the reasons for the downturn of this long-running championship, concluding that the limiting factors have been high costs, the structure of the meetings themselves and restrictive technical regulations.

The biggest change in 2020 will be in the range of Porsches eligible to race. In the 27 years since the championship was established only Porsche 924s and Boxsters have been included.

The grid will now be opened up to a far wider range of Porsche sports cars, with championship classes defined by power to weight ratio and not specific models. The current 49 pages of detailed technical regulations will be much abridged and simplified.

The revitalised championship will be focussed on 7 meetings, 5 being single day meetings, plus two 2-day meetings. The single day meetings will feature a qualifying session and two points scoring rounds, while the 2-day events will include a qualifying session, a 15 minute sprint race and a 40 minute optional two driver race.

The structure mirrors the format of the most successful championships within the BRSCC’s portfolio, and indications are that it will be much more popular than the previous two day meeting/triple header format.

This popularity will be enhanced by a significant reduction in entry and registration costs to levels more in line with comparable championships.

Commenting on these changes, BRSCC Chairman Peter Daly said: “Our Porsche championship has evolved over the years on a platform of high performance, competitive racing and excellent value.
The reduction in entries experienced over the past couple of seasons, particularly when contrasted with the expansion we have seen in similar championships, has been a great concern, and was the catalyst for an intensive review of our whole Porsche product. It was soon clear that the way forward was via a root and branch restructuring, and the resulting changes will give our Porsche championship a whole new lease of life and put it back on track as a highlight of the UK club racing scene.”

The 2020 calendar is already under construction, the Power to Weight classes and the simplified regulations are being developed, and we will share news on the new and revitalised championship as soon as possible.

Photo: Jon Elsey


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