After the success of the 'How to go racing' DVD which was launched at last year's Autosport Show, the BRSCC has issued an updated version of the DVD, which is aimed at encouraging more people to take up circuit racing in the UK.

The DVD, which now includes Caterham Academy and Fun Cup, takes the viewers through the steps of how to get started in club motorsport, which championships are particularly suited to novice competitors, what equipment they will need and all the relevant contacts.

The DVD, which was produced with the support of Grand Prix Racewear and Gaz Shocks, is presented in a smart A4 folder, which includes further information on selected championships and the approximate costs a newcomer should budget for in their first year.

The DVD is available from the Club's impressive stand throughout the remaining days of the Autosport Show and afterwards by contacting the Club HQ via


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