A new class featuring low cost 2.7 Porsche Boxsters is being introduced as part of the BRSCC Porsche Championship for the 2019 season.

This additional class has been launched to take advantage of the wide availability of 2.7 Boxster donor cars, and has been structured to provide entry-level costs with competitive lap times.

The Sport 2.7 Boxster is based on the 986 model Boxster produced up to 2004 and features the standard 2.7-litre engine in 220 or 228 BHP form plus the standard transmission, braking system and bodywork. A bolt in roll cage is specified, reducing preparation costs compared to the welded-in cage used by other championship classes.

The suspension is the only major change from standard specification, being the “race” package used by the existing Class A modified Boxster class.

The  Sport 2.7 class has been designed to be slower over a lap than the full race Class A cars (renamed Supersport for 2019), but quicker than the existing 3.2-litre Production Boxster and Classic 924 classes that also feature in the championship.

Championship Coordinator John Broadley commented:
“Until 2019 the BRSCC Porsche championship has featured two classes for 3.2-litre Boxsters in modified and production forms.

There are large numbers of 2.7-litre cars available as donor cars, usually at a lower cost than 3.2litre Boxsters, and we have designed a class to use these cars as the ideal low-cost entry point for the championship.

Where possible we have kept to the standard specification, only deviating from this in the suspension which is the well proven high-performance system from our Class A cars.
We have already experienced considerable interest in the new Sport 2.7 Boxster class from both existing and new teams and hope to have the first cars complete shortly”


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