ROGER STEBBING – 1947-2020

The BRSCC is saddened to learn of the recent passing of former marshal, steward and Club member Roger Stebbing, who passed away a few days ago due to illness.

Having spent his childhood growing up in Woodford, situated on the London/ Essex border, Roger’s initial inspiration came from his 1954 Triumph sports car given to him by his father. At the tender age of 16, he joined the BRSCC and subsequently made his first visit to Brands Hatch in 1963, where he began a marshalling career that lasted for 50-plus years. In that time, he became an essential part of the startline, pits and paddock marshal team and was part of an incredible spectrum of motorsport events ranging from club meetings to F1, F5000, World Sportscars and more.

In later years, he became a regular part of the South Eastern Centre’s race stewarding and judging team at race meetings and showed he had detailed knowledge of the rules and regulations, plus a “Stebbing” stubbornness that meant his decision stood notwithstanding heavy argument from team managers and drivers—keeping to racing clean and to the book, thus enjoyed by all involved and the spectators. As well as a committed volunteer, he was also a much loved and respected member of the South Eastern Centre’s marshal community and also regularly volunteered for other clubs in a bid to continue indulging in his hobby as well as doing his bit as a marshal and steward within UK motorsport.

Roger made a life long commitment to both motorsport and the BRSCC in his efforts to not only provide his assistance but to also indulge in his passion in life. He will be sadly missed and the Club wishes to extend its sincere and heartfelt thanks, thoughts and condolences to Roger’s family, friends and motorsport colleagues at this difficult time.



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