Saker is the latest addition to the BRSCC's impressive portfolio.

The Saker Sportscar Challenge is the very latest addition to the BRSCC portfolio for the 2011 season and a sleek car from the series will be on display on the Club’s stand at Autosport International next month.

The main aim of the Challenge is simple – to enable as many drivers as possible to compete in equal, but very competitive racing cars, especially designed for motorsport. The concept involves racing an exciting car, but within a reasonable budget, and the driving force behind the series in the UK is Paul Rose of the JPR Group, who has enjoyed so much success with the Fun Cup.

The Saker has an outstanding appearance and is a pure racer which uses a strong-space frame chassis with a GRP sectional bodywork, including gull-wing doors (GT model) and runs on Avon slicks. Robust, a real racing car, appealing and reliable…..this is what Saker is all about. The Saker is an amazing spectacle which comprises two models: the immensely popular GT and the open top Sprint. Both are twin-seaters, boasting a mid mounted 2 litre, turbo charged boxer engine and restricted to 275BHP (353 BHP per tonne). The truly slick power house is a commanding, yet ultra reliable machine, built for thrilling, affordable GT endurance racing.

The beauty of Saker is that it is an already well proven product, strongly established in Australia and the Netherlands for many years. The running costs for a season are extremely low compared with other similar-performance brands. The cars competing in the Challenge can have one or two drivers, thus enabling expenses to be shared.

The Saker Sportscar has been specially developed to fulfil the customers’ wishes. It is a solid, pure racing car, with a stunning design and highly reliable technology. Crucial elements, such as the engine and gearbox, are Subaru parts and have been used specifically to keep the racing affordable.

The standard Subaru products, supplemented by parts made in-house, are used to keep costs down. All cars are constructed by Saker Sportscars and delivered to the JPR Group, based in Staffordshire, ready to race. The car design is practical: the bodywork can be removed simply, front and back, enabling easy access to all components.

The Saker Sportscar Challenge will provide genuine value for money and hours of racing at the UK’s most prestigious and enjoyable circuits. For more information visit or call Roxie Marandi on 01538 306921.


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