Two racers competing in the BRSCC’s Grand Prix Racewear meeting last weekend have expressed their thanks to the Club’s South Eastern Centre’s marshals.

Metro Caterham Academy runner Mark Greenlees had a fairly large crash at Druids in the Group 2 race on Saturday afternoon, involving flying through the air and doing four complete rolls.

“The marshals were superb,” said Mark. “They were with me, it seemed, almost as soon as the car had come to rest. They stopped me doing anything stupid like trying to get out of the car – I felt fine but realise now that I could have had spinal injuries. They kept me quiet and gently got me out (not easy with the HANS device still attached to my helmet) and into the ambulance.”

Mark was worried that his wife and daughter, who were in the main grandstand, wouldn't know he was ok, but they were taken to the medical centre within a few minutes and allowed to stay with him whilst he was stitched up, having cut one finger open. “This was a great comfort, because I'm dreadfully squeamish,” he admitted.

“So I come away from a major crash with only a badly bruised hand, arm and shoulder – and even more respect for the people who wave coloured flags at us all day. Thanks to your colleagues I'm back at work this morning – but every silver lining has to have its cloud.”

Meanwhile, Formula Jedi competitor Jon Ward had a somewhat less fraught, but ultimately memorable weekend. “I would be grateful if you could pass on to all the marshals who attended this meeting my thanks for their response to my efforts, all be it last by a long shot,” asked Jon.

“As I toured round on the cool down laps, they came out to applaud. I was so touched it made my weekend a great one. I hope I behaved and took notice of their signals. My lack of pace was due to a lack of gears, having only 4th, 5th and 6th on Sat. and 4th, 5th and sometimes 6th on Sunday, starting was a real challenge. The marshals made what could have been a bad weekend racing one of the best ones I have ever had; this includes some cracking races I had in the 60s.”


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