Boasting another fantastic bumper grid after they did the same at both Croft and Silverstone, the BRSCC Clubsport Trophy returns once more for its third meeting of 2021, this time making its first ever visit to the Snetterton 300 circuit with all five classes represented once again. The long straights will certainly benefit those cars that have a little more power underneath them, while the technical corners are going to be a strength for those cars that have superior handling.

Class A will feature three very familiar cars back on the grid once again with Olly Samways in his Toyota MR2 SuperGT, David May and Mark Skeats in their Nissan 370Z and the former Fiesta Championship title rivals Mark Court and Colin Newbold aboard a Honda Integra Type R DC5.

The biggest numbers come in Class B, where there’s also certain to be a few cars contending for the race win. Silverstone winners David Shead and Malcolm Edeson reappear with their souped-up BMW Compact, as does Tom Stanway’s BMW 328i, Phiroze Bilimoria’s MINI Cooper and Toby Hotston’s Ford Fiesta. Two more MINIs are back after a long absence with Pete Jokinen’s regular Cooper S example joined by the unique MINI Clubman driven by Keith Issatt and Kevin Fulbrook. Another Fiesta, another MINI, a Renault Clio, another BMW 328i and two Honda Civics make up the class here.

Class C looks equally competitive with a pair of Toyota Celicas for regulars Stewart Donovan and Roan Lundy, along with Chrissy Palmer who is ever present in that Mazda MX-5 Mk4. Lee Hollin’s Mk3 example is also on the grid here too, as is David Thomas’ Mk1 generation Toyota MR2 and the Audi TT of Lloyd Clarkson sharing with Gary Fear.

Five cars are attending at Snetterton for Class D, with a trio of Renault Clios featuring Lewis Field, Lewis Gatt and the Butterworth siblings Craig and Gary ready to go up against another Mazda MX-5 Mk3 of Stuart Humphrey and the Honda Civic of ST-XR Challenge regulars Michael Heath and Justin Roberts, making a rare switch from the Blue Oval to VTEC power.

There’s also plenty of competition in Class E, with all but one car in the class being BMW powered! Four cars from the BMW Compact Cup are here for Richard Sutherland, Philip Adcock and Andy Waters, Gareth Claydon and Steven Somerville will go head to head with two BMW 116s driven by Edward Raprager and Mark Steward, with another MINI Cooper S with James Poulton and Matt Mills at the wheel completing the Munich representation. Also with them is Tom Hodgson, back once again in his potent little Ford Fiesta 1800Si.

Finally, those rocket-propelled Ford Fiesta ST180 Turbos from the Fiesta Championship are on the grid yet again in the Invitation class, with no less than eight examples plumping for an extra race for their weekends. Among them, watch out for Jamie White, Zachary Lucas, the Kelletts Alastair and William and the duo of Stuart Robbins and Simon Horrobin.

Scott Woodwiss


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