Ahead of the upcoming TCR UK Race Weekend at Snetterton on 18/19 May 2024, the BRSCC is set to work in collaboration with SoFit Group to offer competitors and their families a chance to learn more about performance and wellbeing in motorsport courtesy of special taster workshops hosted at the circuit.

The SoFit Group is an established fitness and wellbeing organisation formed by Phil Jones, a former Royal Marines Commando, that specialises in providing solutions to improve areas of people’s personal and professional lives. From community health & well being, through to outdoor fitness and corporate support, their specialised, award-winning programmes refine, build upon and enhance the knowledge of self-care for both your own personal health and that of your colleagues. SoFit offers retained partnerships, keynote speaking and team building exercises along with their established corporate packages, and works regularly with sports academies and professional athletes to provide coaching.

Back in February, SoFit worked alongside the BRSCC to aid in the execution of the health and fitness element of the 2024 Fiesta Junior Scholarship, putting the young drivers through their paces as part of the assessments to select the eventual winner. At Snetterton on Saturday 18th May 2024 in the hospitality room above the pit garages, SoFit will be showcasing workshops on the following key elements of competing in motorsport:

11:00AM – 11:30AM – Stress and Emotional Management
Being able to manage, control stress and negative emotions is key to performing in sport and life. Learn how to use the correct coping mechanisms when things go wrong. Managing family dynamics, pressure and time away so it does not hinder performance or relationships. We will help you provide physio for your mind.

12:30PM – 1PM – Wealth and Money Management
As you go through your professional career you are certain to experience financial positives and/or negatives. Understanding the end goal and focusing on your desired outcome is essential. We can support you to keep the eyes at the top of the mountain but the feet on the ground.

3:00PM – 3:30PM – Performance Skills
Can you win without natural ability? Learn how our ‘threat’ state or ‘challenge’ state can influence our reaction and performance. How to create an optimal sporting performance by developing skills and routines, breeding confidence.

4:30PM – 5:00PM – Nutrition
Ever confused on what you should and shouldn’t eat? What will keep you energised and focused on a race weekend. We will cut through the rubbish and give you the optimum way to improve performance and how to fuel your body correctly.

Competitors racing in any of the championships and series in attendance at Snetterton are welcome to book on to any of the four taster workshops provided by SoFit on the day, and are also open to their friends and family members too. Each session is free to sign up to, and will be 30 minutes long with a maximum of 30 people permitted per session.

To book on to any of the four SoFit sessions (you may book on to more than one if you’re interested in multiple topics), you can contact them directly via e-mail at, so get in touch with details on which workshops you’d like to attend and who will be attending them.

SoFit Group director Phil Jones said of the collaboration: “SO FIT are pleased to be supporting the members and families of BRSCC. Being able to perform on and off the race track is vital to success. We look forward to our highly experienced team providing hints, tips and protocols for participants who want to gain that winning edge in their racing careers as well as achieving goals in their personal life away from the track.”

BRSCC Partnerships Coordinator Jeremy Crook added “After a successful collaboration with SO Fit at this year’s Fiesta Junior Scholarship in February, we’re delighted to be able to present this opportunity for drivers, team and family members from across the wider BRSCC portfolio to learn more about SO Fit and their activities. We look forward to welcoming our competitors to the free workshops to allow them to gain an insight into a number of key areas in which drivers need to deliver in order to be successful.”

For more information on SoFit and their services, visit their website at


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