South Western Centre Director Alan Jenkins (left) presents the trophy to Chris Mason. Photo: Mike Skelton

The BRSCC South Western Centre recently held a Committee meeting and invited Chris Mason and his wife Emma to attend on the premise that the members of the committee requested their medical experience on matters concerning the rescue unit and its equipment.

It was however a ruse! Strangely, the Rescue Unit & Rescue Chiefs’ reports were the first items on the agenda, at which point Chairman Mike Skelton then revealed the main reason for inviting Chris and Emma along. To acknowledge the tremendous efforts that they have contributed toward the upkeep of the Rescue Unit and consumable supplies, organising the cleaning out of the unit after usage, giving it a ‘deep clean’ and also being part of the rescue team crew, the Committee had unanimously decided to award Chris their Marshal of the Year Trophy, with due acknowledgments to Emma’s efforts. The South Western Centre Director Alan Jenkins was delighted to present the trophy to Chris.

2013 is set to be a big year for the South Western Centre with the much-anticipated return to Castle Combe on Easter Monday 1stApril


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