2011 has been the most successful season in the history of the VW Cup. Photo:

A steady-handed approach to regulation making is being adopted by the Volkswagen Racing Cup for 2012 following the most successful season in the championship’s 12-year history.

An average grid size of 22 cars underlined the status of the Volkswagen Racing Cup as the best-supported junior saloon car series on a promoted package, and championship manager Sam Roach promises that regulations stability is a priority.“We are deliberately trying to keep stability in the regulations,” says Roach, “because the championship formula is proven and successful. We will be looking to tighten them up in a few areas to ensure that our policing of the rules continues to be effective.”

The major planned changes are a relaxation of who is eligible to build new cars, like the Mk VI Golf GTI and Scirocco; previously only Volkswagen Racing UK was permitted to introduce new machinery. “For the good of the championship we want to see as many new-shape cars as possible joining the established machinery on the grid,” added Roach. “With the lifting of this rule, competitors may choose any new-model Volkswagen that they want.

“Hopefully this will continue to feed the diversity we have seen on the Volkswagen Racing Cup grid, on which this season we have seen Golfs from Mk II to Mk VI, as well as Jetta, Bora, Beetle, Scirocco, Corrado and even Caddy.”

The championship has confirmed that Hankook will continue its successful relationship as the supplier of control tyres, that the Volkswagen Racing Cup will again be the sole saloon car support race on the promoted British F3/British GT tour package, and that Motors TV coverage of every round will be a feature.

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